WEEK IN REVIEW // Books + Color

I had been hearing about this book, Paris in Color, and am so thankful Chronicle Books sent me a copy to look at. Such an interesting way to photograph a city and great concept for a coffee table book. Who doesn’t love Paris and color? I won’t spoil the inside for you as the cover gives you a peek, but I did spend an afternoon looking at it and drifted off to the city of love myself.

I had been hearing people talk about Estadio, and even though I only had a drink
and bread with honey butter and salt, I know I want to go back for a full meal (or two).
I had one of the Slushitos and it was perfect for a hot summer afternoon.
Alejandra introduced me to her favorite pilates place in DC… all I can say is ouch!
I am sore! Stay tuned for her #mycity in a few weeks for details.
I had been saving a gift card my dad got me for my birthday from a few months ago
to get a things for our place (freelance + bad economy = not a lot of shopping).
Naturally I went to Furbish and ended up with several goodies to add to my bookshelves.


I hope you didn’t miss Erika’s GSD this week. Her calendar looks like a piece of art!
Even though there is a controversy over this book. I still want to read it.What did you do this week? 

Photos by Meg Biram / Instagram