WEEK IN REVIEW // Family + BBB Philly

While my mom and her husband were in town, we went kayaking on the Potomac from Jack’s Boathouse in Georgetown. We went early in the morning because it was going to get super hot that day and to avoid crowds, and I’m glad we did. I loved watching the row teams and paddle boarders. I’m going to have to try paddle boarding, although I don’t really want to end up swimming in the Potomac. We did double kayaks, and I’m pretty sure the poison ivy that recently sprouted up on the Mr. and I may have something to do with the kayaking.


Jack’s Boathouse has a cute sitting area with colorful adirondack chairs, shaded by trees.


Monday I headed up to Philadelphia with a friend to give a BLOG BIZ BUZZ seminar (DC date here, NYC date here). While we were getting familiar with Philly we saw this cool leopard sculpture in the Rittenhouse area.

I met up with Naomi of Design Manifest for a #mycity but also because how could I go to Philly and not hang out with her? We had a cute lunch in this garden.


I limited my arm candy for the trip to these three pieces.
Skulls (similar) / Black & White / Vintage (similar)



The old City Hall in Philly when all the important stuff for our country went down
back in the day, is really cool.


I held #blogbizbuzz at the Continental. A retro cool restaurant, like actually retro. We drank a few Astronauts (peach vodka + tang) and talked blogs & social media for three hours like we were all old friends.

Thanks to the BLOG BIZ BUZZ Philly Sponsors: SpaceCraft — Build A Website, Swell Caroline — Addictive Costume Jewelry, Stephanie Johnson — Travel + Cosmetic Bags, Illustrator — Michelle Baron, and Laura Parke — A Girl Who Makes.


Like I said, r e t r o.


While on this trip I was putting together a GSD post, and talking to my buddy Lara, who I have now dubbed the Email Nazi, although I’ve found out after that post that many of you are also very email vigilant, and work really hard to keep your email under control. Which makes me happy for you, yet makes me think hell why’d it take me so long — I’m 29 — to get that shit figured out? Sheesh. So I went on a crazy email binge/sort/reply etc., for 48 hours to get it down in the 100s, and I’m still working on that, but hey, it’s supposed to rain this weekend and I think me and a bottle of wine can get through that tonight.


I found this colorful suzani while shooting Alina for her #mycity which published this week.
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Photos by Meg Biram