WEEK IN REVIEW // Glitter Mani


What do you think of my glitter & nude mani from this week? I’m still rocking it now.
Essie Jazz / Essie Set in Stones
More fun from this week after the jump.


I shot a #mycity this week, and there was shopping involved (shocker!).
No, not on my part, but the girl I was shooting bought this dress & necklace.
Might have to get that necklace myself… details to come.



A great little staying for when you need to change it up. I feel like some of the best work comes from when you aren’t necessarily using a medium that you are comfortable with. Like on Project Runway when they have to make a dress out of stuff from a pet store. Hello bird seed dress! I have a thing for Pilot pens, Sharpies, acrylic paint, and watercolor. Maybe I should get out of my box a little and try some charcoal, or pastels. I’m going to start working on some collage pieces, and I also bought some fun studs and things to include in my artwork. Should be fun!


This beauty. The leather, not the rug. I already gushed over my vintage rug from Furbish. But the jacket… I’ve been wanting one of these for as long as I can remember, but was never able to bite the bullet. This is the Marsden Leather Jacket from AllSaints, lemmetellya, I promise it is worth. every. penny. I’m sure I’ll have this thing for YEARS! FYI, the arms are snug, so probably get a size or two up. I am very particular about how I keep my clothing. I’m not hard on it, I take very good care of it so most of my stuff is in amazing condition. See for yourself here.


I always love finding places in DC that I’ve never seen before. Enter Kalorama.
This city has some beautiful architecture.


A quick little outfit shot. It’s been scorching hot here — like I actually have to get in the pool hot. So anything that actually touches your skin will turn to wet the second you go outside. I’m not complaining though, I love the heat, and I love summer. (The top is old from a local boutique.)


So maybe I don’t want fall to arrive quite yet, but I do love fall magazines, fall fashion, and fall nail polish!



Diggin the prongs on this giant Allison Daniel ring.