WEEK IN REVIEW // Kansas City

I spent the last week (long weekend) in Kansas City visiting family, friends, going to a baby shower, hanging out with my sister and her kids, my grandparenets… it was wonderful. My good friends and I went to eat at Extra Virgin (above). It’s a hip restaurant in the Crossroads District, where we scarfed down a meat plate and cheese plate — with some hummus for our vegetarian friend — along with our sangrias. Then we had a full dinner, and of course coffee and dessert. We do it right people. I don’t think our waiter knew what he was dealing with when we sat down. The four of us have been dining together regularly for many years and the dynamic is hilarious, especially if we are hungry. One of my besties gets especially testy when she’s hungry and gives us a warning “I’m 10 minutes to bitch!” She literally said that and it’s stuck ever since. You can’t make this shit up. We laughed for hours, and I’m sure we were the loudest most obnoxious table in the place, good thing it was busy, because we didn’t care. Now that I’ve moved away, I cherish those long dinners.

My friend Tobe introduced me to this yummy brunch spot. Don’t worry, a My City feature is coming up on her soon with all the deets.

Ahhhhh The Nelson. I grew up going to art classes in the basement if this amazing museum. If you’ve never been to The Nelson-Atkins Museum and you are in Kansas City you really must go. They have an amazing collection, not to mention the GIANT shuttlecock sculptures on the lawn. People, they are HUGE… resisting cock jokes right now. You can hardly see them, but there are three little kids eating their lunch under this one. I said they are giant right, they are.

This fortune came out of my fortune cookie when I went to eat Chinese food with my “GMA” as she writes in her emails. My GMA is awesome (both of them are). The one that lives in Kansas City had an iPod and a MacBook before I did. She’s on her fifth-or-so laptop and she’s got the whole setup, wireless printer/scanner, a Facebook profile. The usual. My other grandma lives in St. Louis and is sweet as pie. She writes me letters and sends my husband newspaper clippings about the Cardinals.

So I have a confession, I keep all of my good fortunes. I mean, no, they don’t mean shit, but I love the sayings and I think they are a good reminder for me. This one especially hit me.

I was so excited to visit my friend Amy’s newish gallery, Plug Projects, while I was in town. The current show was colorful and bold. Soooo glad I made it down there to see it.

Who can go to Kansas City without a little dose of Glacé? Not me. I can hardly go one day without some sort of frozen treat in the summer. No, I didn’t get two, although that wouldn’t be surprising if I did.

Another new place in Kansas City, Little Freshie. Lindsay is the cutest/sweetest gal ever. Not to mention snow cone/juice wizard. More on Little Freshie coming up soon.

And now for the motherload.

Row One: Hydrangeas from my mom’s house. Seriously I don’t know how she gets these. They are blue and purple and all shades in between. Gorgeous! // My mom’s pool. Her backyard makes you feel like you are somewhere else. // My nephew Campbell. We were at the doctor’s office because he had a fever. You can’t even tell he has a fever because he is such a good, happy little baby!

Row Two: I recently received this Vogue — June 1949 print from art.com (gifted). I. Love. It. Art.com has so many amazing prints for affordable prices if you are looking to fill some of your walls. And have you seen their new app — ArtCircles? Try it out and find some art for your home. // Me and my GMA at my cousin’s baby shower. // I bought some (overpriced) cherries at the grocery store. Good thing they are delicious and full of vitamins.

Row Three: Juice from Little Freshie. I know, I love that place, I mean look at the straws. // A cute little chair from an antique shop in the West Bottoms — more coming up on that in the coming weeks. // A little pool-mag-list time.

Row Four: Cool necklace from The Styleliner on DC blogger Kara. // A shot of O’Hare in Chicago. Getting on soapbox: Must say, I was not happy with American Airlines. The fact that you can’t get on standby unless you are a gold or platinum member makes my blood boil a little. TWO freaking planes left from O’Hare to Reagan that I tried to get on standby for prior to my scheduled flight, and they wouldn’t let me. Why if a plane has room, and there is NO ONE ELSE TRYING TO GET ON IT would they not let someone take an earlier flight??? Southwest let’s you… just sayin’. So instead I got to spend four hours in the airport and literally all day traveling when I could have been home in a jiffy. I don’t like to be a complainer but this policy — especially when other airlines let you do it AND there wasn’t anyone else trying to get on with seats available — just doesn’t make sense, okay and it pissed me off. Soapbox = off. But isn’t this a pretty shot of the airport? 🙂 // Snapshot from Urban Mining shopping adventure — more coming up on this soon too!

Row Five: Letters found in an antique shop. The M is now mine. // The ZARA heels everyone has and I don’t care because they are that cool. // Adorable kids coloring book in the store inside the Bloch Building at The Nelson. I wanted it for myself.

Photos by Meg Biram