WEEK IN REVIEW // Monticello + Tourist in DC

Whew! It’s been a crazy good two weeks, and this coming week will be no exception! Starting Labor Day weekend, my in-laws were in town for a week. What I love about having company in town is that I get to do all the touristy things, just like a tourist would. And yes, I wear my camera around my neck and am not shy about taking a ton of photos! We had a packed week, full of sightseeing, monuments, Monticello, boat rides, and Cirque du Soleil. It was a blast!

Then I was off to San Francisco and Sonoma for a long weekend at Mighty Summit and visiting a few friends. I came home late Tuesday night, and jumped right into working and here I am packing again today for my flight to Texas for the Texas BLOG BIZ BUZZ seminar tour where I’ll be visiting Dallas, Austin and Houston to give seminars next week — all while visiting a few friends and soaking up the Texas sun.

Above is a little tray on top of my crappy printer next to my desk. It’s about time I zhushed up the little corners of my place. I got the succulent at my local grocery store, the frame from Minty (photo is of my mom), and this business card holder.


I recently received these Bobcat boots (gifted) in the mail. I’m excited to wear them around DC this fall. I was in need of a comfortable black boot that I can trek around the city in. You can’t really go wrong with a plain black bootie.



If you ever come out this direction (DC area), and are interested in seeing Monticello (Thomas Jefferson’s home) I highly recommend it (it’s a few hour drive south of DC). The tour was fascinating, the grounds are beautiful (all the flowers were blooming) and the views from the property are stunning. You can really see the genius behind Thomas Jefferson from his home.



I mentioned a boat ride… my husband and I went on a night boat ride to see the monuments from Georgetown Harbour. I’m curious to see what it would look like during the day, but at night it was pretty stunning.



Between the Iwo Jima Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery is the Netherlands Carillon, which is a bell tower that was given to the US by the Netherlands. In front of this bell tower are two bronze lions and a flower garden. You just never know what you’re going to walk upon around here. From this spot you can see the Washington Monument and the Capital across the river.



Look familiar? Pull out a nickel. Monticello is on the backside of the nickel.
Random fact — the dome portion of Monticello was just used for storage. Isn’t that sad!



I’m so glad we visited Monticello while the flowers were still in bloom.
There is an additional garden tour so you can learn about all of the flowers, etc., which surprisingly kept my attention (I have a black thumb).



The Iwo Jima Memorial is HUGE. Like real big. Bigger than you think it’s going to be.