WEEK IN REVIEW // Yoga + iPhone

I already did a BLOG BIZ + BUZZ recap, which was my main event this week. But above is one of the many gorgeous rugs at the yoga studio I’m trying out Bikram Yoga Dupont. I wanted to roll that rug up and take it home with me! Have you ever done Bikram? I love it. Some people don’t think they can handle the heat at 105, but you’d be surprised at what you can do.
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Went neon pink with the polish this week. FACE Stockholm at J.Crew. My ring is really old, and I recently got these flat boots on clearance at GAP (similar). Around DC you have to have lots of flat options when it comes to footwear. I came from Kansas City where you drive door-to-door, so many of my shoes are 4+ inch heels that aren’t very walkable. I will probably only be buying wedges and flats from now on, because my heels get such little wear.

Just like the photo said, my roots were scary. So my guy Samuel at DESSANGE in Friendship Heights took care of business.

(Clockwise): My Cougar Friends print showed up. Freaking love this. / Tried Abita Strawberry Beer, which is a seasonal brew that apparently flies off the shelves in the South. Pretty good. / Art at Bikram Yoga Dupont. / The Mr. and I went to a Cajun Cinco de Mayo party with crawfish. Cool photo, but ewwwww. / I finished putting together a family recipe book on Blurb. I did the professional option where you design it yourself with their Adobe template and upload the PDF. I need to make years worth of books on blurb. Now that everything is digital I never get prints made anymore! / Since there was no way the Mr. and I were going to eat crawfish, we pre-partied at a Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo. / I FINALLY got an iphone. After waiting literally years. I have Sprint, which I love and with the way the phone upgrade structure goes, it didn’t workout for me to get one (economically — obviously I could have just bought one full price but $120 sounds way better than $600 to me) until now. So I marched right up to J.Crew and got the iphone case I had my eye one (although I think I’m going to have to get a few more cases… so many cute ones!) / This is a blood orange cosmo, yum! Blood orange is my new obsession. / And lastly, I went to brunch with a few other DC bloggers and of course everyone had cute phone cases. Warranted an instagram.