Weekly Digest


While I’m not sure I believe in the whole “manifesting your life” type of thing — like thinking about something and dwelling on it will magically make it happen. I believe in ACTIONS. Doing things, working on them — setting yourself up to be in the best possible position to make them happen.

I do think that some luck is involved, so if people think that manifesting has something to do with that, whatever. I think the way I like to think about it is “putting it out there”. Whatever that means to you. Sometimes I think people just get lucky, but at the same time while I think luck is sometimes involved, I think a lot of the time people put themselves into the position to make those things happen, even if it doesn’t seem like was a direct link from an action.

I’ve been feeling pretty good about 2018 during the first few weeks of the year. 2017 had a rough start, but 2018 has been okay, even promising, so far. One thing I was really hoping for was longer-term collaborations with brands that I love. It’s hard to plan income and things as a blogger because a lot of projects are just one-off projects on a brand’s marketing timeline. So I’d really just been thinking/hoping for some longer-term multi-part projects this year, and not even half way through January I have two companies that want to do just that! So while I hadn’t done anything specific to make those two things happen (both companies came to me wanting ongoing projects through 2018) I have been blogging consistently for over 10 years — soooooo you could say I put myself in the right position for it.

I’ve also got some major changes coming up that I can’t wait to show you/tell you about. Will probably sneak some things on my Instagram story @megbiram this week if you follow and watch there. I feel things swinging in a good direction for me this year and I’m excited about it.


SWEATING — Had a great hot yoga sesh this morning. Things just flowed and it finally felt good. I just started back a few weeks ago after not going much while doing CrossFit. I started to feel so tight and was losing flexibility. When I started back there were so many poses I couldn’t do anymore. Today was the first time I felt like I was getting back in my groove.

SEEING — I finally went to the National Gallery of Art to see the Vermeer exhibit right before it closes! Then my friend (also a painter) went to the East Building which has modern work in it (my fave) and we spent the afternoon there. It was so empty which was such a gift. Museums are usually so full to be in rooms of it with art all alone was just fabulous.

EATING — One of my go-to snacks for basically my entire life has been apples and peanut butter. Sometimes I get out of the habit of eating them, but lately I’ve just been buying them, leaving them on the counter, so anytime I’m hungry for a snack, that’s what I’ve been grabbing.

RECOVERING — I got microneedling done a little over a week ago from my dermatologist (full post coming soon) so last weekend my face was recovering. It wasn’t terrible, but you aren’t supposed to wear makeup, go in the sun, or workout for 24 hours or longer if possible, so I was a bit of a hermit. Also, I had pulled/strained a muscle in my neck and couldn’t move it much for a few days. Luckily the two things happened at the same time so I gave my body a little workout break for a few days, I really had no option. Giving your body time to recover is important. I didn’t want to make the strain any worse and then be out even longer!

TESTING — I received some of these Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip colors and gotta say, SUPER impressed with them so far. Loving the colors, and they are so smooth and light and easy.

WANTING — These slippers. My feet are always cold!

READING — Furiously reading A Little Life for book club at the end of the month. It’s a long book, and I actually already “read” it a few years ago. I listened to it on Audible and wow reading it is totally different. It’s really good, but really heavy book.

COOKING — My aunt just sent me an Instant Pot pressure cooker (after FaceTiming with me during a Crock Pot #fail) so now I need to find some recipes for it. Do you have one? Please leave me recipe links in the comments below!


Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash