Weekly Digest

hike great falls


Bringing back the Weekly Digest. Not sure how it will always look, might change up how I do it but here we go!


I was at lunch on Tuesday with a friend and fellow blogger Anne of fANNEtastic Food. Some of you might be friends with her IRL (she lives in the DC area) or I’m sure a lot of you have been followers of hers for years. She’s been a blogger almost as long as I have but her audience is very large and very dedicated! I think mine is dedicated as well, but with the rise of social media, many bloggers have seen a fall in site traffic, and that my friends is me. I need to work harder at doing all the things I know I can do to grow it but it’s a lot of work. I do my best to put out quality content, but I need to be better about other aspects of the biz. I truly appreciate all of you who are readers, for however long you’ve been around, really, I love you guys.

Anne and I talked about blog traffic, sponsored posts, things that are and aren’t working for us — I encouraged her to use Instagram Stories more, she encouraged me to do more “real life” posts. So I thought a good way to do that would be reviving my Weekly Digest posts.

Anytime I get together with other bloggers we usually talk biz for at least half of our conversation. Which usually we always love to do. It’s really helpful to talk to other people in the industry, see how you can help each other, etc.


I hit up some of the usual spots this week. I went to one of my favorite local pizza places DRP with my friend Stephanie who is the mom of the instafamous pup Tanner. My husband and I usually get the Barack My World but the Maui Wowie is always calling my name. I also tried their fried brussels chips and they were delish.

I hit up South Block for a smoothie or smoothie bowl at least once a week, this week was no different. I like the Super Green or the PBJ Bowl.

Anne and I went to Junction Bakery & Bistro. I had their roasted chicken breast sandwich with bacon and pesto aioli and let me tell you, it was AMAZING. I will be going back for that A LOT, but they had so many new things on their menu I wanted to try, so I’ll be a frequent customer.

Thursday I went to Fish Taco with my friend Mona after we did a 2 hour hike, well it was supposed to be a hike but all the trails were closed due to flooding so it was more of a walk, but that’s ok. We got some tacos at Fish Taco. The barbacoa was by far the best one (I also tried the steak and chicken)!

Friday I went to All Purpose in Shaw with a friend. We split the Caesar Salad (we actually ordered two and the waiter said we would only need one and that it was amazing — he was right) and the Buona pizza (tomato, pepperoni, mozzarella, chili honey, basil, grana) and it was all delish. There may have been wine…

Since ButterCream BakeShop is right next to All Purpose and a friend of mine is the owner, we had to stop by (and I’m not in that area very often so I like to support my friends whenever I can!). I got several things because honestly I haven’t tried much of their yummy items because I just try to avoid sugar. But I was feeling frisky (probably the wine…) and got 4 things to try. Honestly you can’t go wrong but the trusty ole regular chocolate chip cookie — it was my favorite. And the ho ho was fun and delicious as well.

This is actually a lot more eating out than I usually do during a normal week but I just happened to be meeting with a lot of friends this week which was really nice and we usually do so over food!

I am not good about taking photos of my food for a few reasons. I like to just be normal and enjoy my food without having to do that, I like to be in the moment with my friends, and a lot of the time I forget!

I didn’t fix anything special at home this week, I’m pretty out of groceries at this point.


Last Saturday I was at my friend Sarah’s new house. She has a pool and a view to die for. I brought two types of rosé to share while there, both of which I LOVE. The NV L’Original Rosé from Provence, France, and the 2017 Fieldhouse Rosé from Central Coast, California. I had the same rosé on Wednesday night when a friend came over to hang out on my patio.

On Monday night I opened a new bottle to try, the 2016 Domaine des Guyons Murmure Cabernet Franc, Saumur from the Loire Valley, France, and first of all I don’t know if I’ve ever had a Cabernet Franc but I am OBSESSED. Like it might actually be my favorite wine ever at this point. It’s just soooooo good. 


So my current routine is going to pilates on Monday and Friday mornings and yoga on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. I have the teachers I like and they all teach at 9:30 am. I’d prefer a 7 or 8 am class but I like that I have a schedule and I plan around it (which is why I will RARELY take morning meetings or calls). Sometimes I go to a Sunday evening yoga class.

This week, like I mentioned in my post about balance, I was having a really good balancing day at yoga. At the same time, I am working pretty hard on my headstands (tripod and forearm) and handstands. None of which can I do on my own for longer than a few seconds or without assistance, but I’m better than I was when I started and I know it’s just going to take time, more muscle, more practice, and probably going to an inversion workshop. I’ll get there.

I could hold a handstand (not against the wall) in CrossFit but only for a few seconds, and only if I used momentum to get up. In yoga handstands are not like that. They are much more controlled and honestly WAY harder. I can still kick up into one CrossFit style, but not in the slow yoga style. But I think having long-term goals that I’m slowly working on physically is cool. My teacher tells me to practice everyday for a few minutes. I’m sure that would help, but I don’t really have a spot in my house to do it. So it will just take longer, and that’s ok.

On Thursday my super fit friend Mona and I were going to hike the Billy Goat Trail, but when we got there all of the trails were rained out, so we ended up walking on the C&O canal and some lookout points at Great Falls for two hours (photo above). It was cloudy and the water was really muddy from the rain so it doesn’t look so beautiful, but in person it’s much better.


I don’t usually meet with so many friends during the week, but my husband has been out of town for work and I was just needing people in my life, and all of these meetings just happened to be this week. Funny thing is, almost all my friends are either in the same business as me, or closely related, so we talk about work stuff probably 50% of the time (at least). So I actually see it as work a lot of the time. Strengthening your network is so so so important. So while it was all really fun over delicious food — I can count part of it as work.

It might sound like, geez, working out in the morning, lunches with friends — THE LIFE! But what you don’t see is me working until 8, 9, 10 pm almost every night. I’m actually writing this at 12:07 am (on a Friday night/Saturday morning — how glam is that?!). My Saturday night, going to Target and grocery shopping, then more work. So don’t worry, I’m definitely working more than a 40 hour week, not including those fun “work” lunches.

I’ve been working on some mural sketches for a new restaurant in DC. I can’t wait to share all of them with you!

I’ve also been doing some sketching for just artwork I want to paint/draw. I always do other things before I do my art, so it’s always on the back burner when really I need to do it first or at least dedicate time to it. I just always do the paid projects first before anything unpaid, but then I lose the creativity and inventive things that can happen, so I need to get better at that. I can’t sell my artwork if I don’t make it!

I’ve also been toying with the idea of being in an art show that’s coming to DC this fall. It would be pretty grueling — standing at a booth for 4 days straight — and getting enough work done and ready to show before then, but I think it’d be great at the same time. Booth fees are expensive so it’s something I really have to think about and consider before I can decide.

I’ve been thinking a lot about blog content and things and have gotten reinvigorated about it recently. We all go through lulls, and creating content is a grind. But I’m inspired right now and that’s good.


My life is mostly working out, working (blogging, painting, selling wine, consulting), walking the dog, hanging out with my husband, and eating. I’m trying to make an effort to see my friends more often and that has been great.

I worked on a really cool post I can’t wait to show you. It’s a new series that I’ve been wanting to do forever and I just finished the first one. Now I just need to edit the photos and get them ready to post next week.

I did something crazy, instead of doing black polish for my pedicure, I did red. I haven’t done a red pedi in so long. I can’t actually remember the last time I’ve had anything but black polish on my feet. I literally always have black polish on my feet, and either black or nude or bare on my fingers. I just like the simplicity of it, but I was feeling frisky so I went with red. Honestly, it looks so weird to me!

Don’t forget, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends today! See my picks here.