Weekly Digest

ralph lauren woman perfume

I’ve decided to change up my Link Love column. Which I tried to do weekly, but honestly, they took me SO LONG to put together. I didn’t always read 10 or so great articles each week worth sharing, so trying to find good enough content to share was just taking me way too long.

So I’m going to go back to a structure that me (and a lot of other OG bloggers) did back in the day. I’m going to make it a lot more flexible to what is going on that week and things I stumble upon naturally or am currently experiencing, versus searching high and low for interesting articles for Link Love. And I’m changing the name to Weekly Digest.

WEARINGRalph Lauren Woman. When I wear this scent I feel something. It’s like a power suit in a fragrance. The bottle is beautiful and they even had my initials engraved in it (above)!

SHOPPING — The M.Gemi sale! Their shoes really are divine. I have 3 pairs now and they are all so high quality! I recently got the Felize moccasins in the color clay, and the Lustrare boots.

LISTENING — I’m currently listening to The Monuments Men. I rented the digital book from the library! Can’t wait to watch the movie after I finish the book!

STRETCHING — In addition to doing [solidcore] I’m also doing a lot of yoga. I missed it so much and once I started back I realized how much flexibility I’d lost since doing so much CrossFit. I found a studio near me that I really like so far.

BURNING — Cannot stop burning this LAFCO Golden Chestnut candle. Even just sitting on my nightstand (unlit) I can smell it.

DRINKING — A shit ton of La Croix. I’m not for sure I’m going to do Dry January, maybe just light January? But I like to drink a lot of water and drinking part La Croix and part regular water with lemon at least gives me a variety of flavors. The Cerise Limon is my favorite flavor!

WATCHING — Last night I watched The Great Alone which is a documentary about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska. It’s on Netflix or you can rent on Amazon.

READING — Well you know I’m always reading multiple books but I have to finish Thrive by Arianna Huffington in 2 days because it’s a digital rental from the library!


Photo by Emma Weiss