Welcome to The New MegBiram.com!

Hello! After months of designing and tweaking, the day is finally here for me to launch my new website and blog! MIMI+MEG has been retired, and from now on this is where I’ll be posting. Thank you so much for being a reader of MIMI+MEG. I’ve been blogging for almost exactly five years now, so the launch of my new website, corresponding with a redesign and new brand is hitting right at my 5-year mark.

Here is a quick glance at the website versus the blog. To check out the website, you can hover over the home button in the navigation bar (the black bar above) and click on website.

You are currently on the blog part of the site, which you can update in your feed, bookmarks, etc. to https://megbiram.com/blog/ and that will take you right here, without having to go through the site. I’ve added some fun features to the blog as you can see below.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Let me know what you think!