As much as I don’t want to have a ton of stuff, I do like to have small mementos from traveling and things to remember certain times and experiences in my life. I remember DVF saying that she buys herself a piece of jewelry to remember certain times in her life and I love the idea of that.

So when I was in China last year, I found bought a jade ring and pearl earrings since that is the type of jewelry China is known for. I was looking for a piece while I was in Zurich, but wasn’t able to find the perfect piece, so I made it a point to pick up something else — matchbooks! I already collect matchbooks from some of my favorite restaurants, so I added these from Hiltl, Peclard, and Razzia in Zurich to my collection.

For some reason I didn’t even think about taking matches on a plane and how that probably isn’t ok. Luckily they didn’t see them or take them away from me. That would have been sad! So if you are going to pick up matches to bring home, make sure to put them in your checked bag, or ship them to yourself!

What do you collect when you travel? Have you ever had any problems bringing stuff home with you?

For me, jewelry is the first thing I try to find everywhere I go. It’s small, I’ll actually wear it, and it reminds me of my travels. But I also like to find things that are specific to that country or city. In Zurich, in addition to the matchbooks, I also got this hat because I know I’ll wear it in the winter! And anytime I can find a good matchbook — I pick that up as well!



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Photos by Meg Biram