What I Love About Summer

My Favorite Things About Summer

I was walking my dog earlier this week and heard the cicadas, which I have to say, I love the sound of cicadas. It reminds me of growing up playing capture the flag in my neighborhood. It just makes me think of summer. So for the rest of my walk, I was thinking about all the things I love about summer. Here’s what came to mind:

The sound of cicadas.

Warm summer nights.

The smell of BBQ.

Actually having or going to a BBQ.

Baseball season.

Spending time on my new patio.

Pools. (Hoping my next home or neighborhood has a pool — not planning on moving anytime soon though).

Walking the dog late at night.

Wearing sandals.

Dining al fresco late into the night under bistro lights.

Summery cocktails.

Beach trips.

Tomato and peach season.

4th of July festivities.

Summer Fridays.

Ice cream.

Morning hikes.

Summer sales.

The sun.

Late dinners out with friends drinking wine.

Summer dresses.

Rosé season.


American flags hanging all over my neighborhood.

The feeling of a fresh start when fall comes.

What do you love about summer? Tell me in the comments!


Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash