Black 2 PIece Dress // Zurich

Instead of doing a What to Pack for Zurich post, I am doing a What I Wore post because it was unseasonably hot while I was there. In the 90s! They haven’t had a summer this hot since 2003 — so I don’t want to steer you wrong when it comes to packing for Zurich in the future. But for my hot summer trip to Zurich, here’s what I wore!

The most important thing to know, unless you are taking a car service or taxi everywhere, do not wear skinny heels. I would only recommend a slight block heel or wedge because you will be walking, and the streets are stone = not heel friendly. And it’s hilly, so trust me, flats are best.

I could have packed much lighter, but hey, when in Zurich! I wanted options. Since I brought so many clothes, I wanted to wear them. It was hot, so changing three times a day was actually necessary (stuff got sweaty…).

Outfit for a long flight.

On the plane I wore my new favorite jeans (similar to these), this gray tee on the way to Zurich and this gray tank on the flight back. I have a green chambray-type top from Madewell I always wear when traveling, but you can’t find it anymore, but it’s similar to this top or blush version. A tote bag in flight and a scarf are always a must, along with lip balm and a book. I started Joan Didion’s Play It As It Lays on my flight and will probably finish it over the weekend.

My sandals set off the metal detectors — of course the random time they are letting everyone TSA pre-check (not take off shoes & you don’t have to take anything out of your bag) is when I wear shoes that set off the alarms. I had already sent my “airport socks” through the x-ray machine so I had to barefoot it. Ew.

Morning Outfit

In the mornings we would usually spend an hour or two walking around the city taking photos before the light became harsh. I got a new 28mm lens for my Canon T3i before I left for Zurich because I was needing to up my photo game!

I wore the same boyfriend jeans I wore on the flight in the mornings — they’re just that comfy — and this cheetah tank and my fringe sweatshirt. Since I knew I wouldn’t be out long in the morning I wore these sandals, and saved my even more comfortable ones for later in the day.


Like I said, during the day it was in the 90s, so the less fabric actually touching my body the better. I wore a loose sleeveless striped dress that barely touched my body (it’s out of stock, see similar striped dresses below). It’s probably one of the most comfortable items I have for the hottest of days. I also wore this striped skirt with a black tee and this black skirt with a gray tank. Each afternoon I sported my super comfy espadrilles. Literally in the hottest weather and walking around all day these sandals were comfortable and didn’t rub anywhere!

I brought two pairs of sunglasses with me. Mine are sold out but they are from the brand Super. This flat top pair is similar to the style I have. I also had to bring a prescription pair because you just never know when your eyes and contacts are not going to get along.

Striped Dresses I’m Loving

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Evening Outfit in Zurich

Since Europe in general is more dressy than the US I brought dresses for warm weather. You may have noticed a theme here — mostly black! I basically brought all black and white, a little gray and olive, and jeans. By doing that, you can limit the amount of shoes and accessories you need to bring. It didn’t stop me from bringing three additional pairs of shoes I didn’t end up needing (one was specifically for rain and it didn’t end up raining), but choosing a color palette makes packing much easier.

The first night I wore this black linen maxi (from this post) with flats, another black maxi the second evening (it looks like leather but isn’t, and it’s old so you can’t find it anywhere) with a white vest.

Items shown above: black maxi with sleeves / lipstick / sleeveless black maxi / sandals / block heel sandals

Black Maxi’s I’m Loving

Black Dress // Zurich // Meg Biram

The last evening I pulled out my black two-piece dress for dinner. Not only does this fabric not wrinkle, but the skirt has pockets! Perfect for traveling! And of course you can wear the pieces separately as well. It’s also available in cobalt and red. I brought these fun shoes just for this outfit. They are old ZARA, but I found some similar ones here, here and here. I always get compliments on these babies and am so glad I bought them! I also went a little bold with a bright lip, Tory Burch’s Smack Dab, which I typically don’t do. Tory Burch’s lipsticks are pretty amazing. I love all four colors I have and have started wearing them a lot more often.

Block Heels I’m loving — Good for walking!

Meg Biram & Aida Mollenkamp

We didn’t take a ton of group/people photos — mostly because we were so busy, but also because it was so hot we all felt like we were melting and photos of ourselves was the last thing on our minds but Aida and I snapped this photo together.

So while I can’t give you great packing advice for what Zurich is typically like — these outfits work for most hot walkable city in Europe!

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Photos by Julie Deily

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