Where to Stay in Palm Springs

The Saguaro Palm Springs

If you are planning a trip to Palm Springs, you’re going to want to do some research about where to stay. In my mind, part of the allure of Palm Springs is the hotels. It’s the desert — it’s hot! Lounging at the pool is part of the deal! So I think it’s important to figure out the pool scene you are looking for when choosing a hotel to stay at.

For me, the pool is a big deal. I love reading by the pool, relaxing by the pool, drinking by the pool. I’m a pool girl, so I want to make sure I like the setup and the vibe before I book my trip. For me, part of traveling is the hotel itself. I like to actually enjoy my surroundings and I appreciate good design, so the aesthetic of the hotel always factors into my decisions when I’m booking a hotel.

I haven’t personally stayed at all of these hotels, but by perusing their sites and taking a glimpse at their Instagram accounts (and maybe some online reviews) you can probably infer what the pool scene is.

And a scene it is at many of them. Usually during the week it’s a lot more calm at the pools, but some of the hotel pools have a day rate where people who aren’t staying there will come to the pool just for the day. Some pools can get very crowded, busy, and loud — so if that’s not your vibe, you might want to find a hotel that is a bit more calm or even has two pools — one party pool and one regular pool.

I’ve either stayed at, visited, or researched these hotels and they all have something cool about them, so take a gander if you are planning on heading to Palm Springs to find the one that has your vibe. Did I miss a Palm Springs hotel you love? Leave me a link in the comments!


The Avalon & Bungalows

The Parker

The Riviera


Ace Hotel

Holiday House

V Palm Springs

Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage

L’Horizon Hotel and Spa


The Saguaro

Del Marcos Hotel

Sparrows Lodge

JW Marriott Palm Desert

Korakia Pensione

The Lautner Compound

Colony Palms Hotel

The Desert Collective

Plus, there are tons of vacation rental options in Palm Springs.


Photo of The Saguaro by Meg Biram