White + Black Bookshelf

Large White Bookshelf

You might remember this white shelf from my old apartment. In the new house, I did change it up a little bit but kept the same concept of keeping it mostly black and white. I already did a post showing my other bookshelf in our new house, which was more similar to how I styled the charcoal ones in my old apartment.

Black Books and Sculpture

You probably already know that I read a lot, and I write about books a lot here on MB, so naturally I have a lot of books. With our last two moves I donated A TON of books. I’d say at least 50 or more. But my husband and I (mostly me) still have a lot of books, and not a lot of space.

Red, Black, and White Books

We have a small house and we like to keep it as clutter free as possible. You might think I have a ton of things on the walls, and decorations everywhere, but I don’t. I like there to be negative space in my living space. Our coffee table is almost always completely bare. For several reasons — pillows end up there with our feet on them, the dog can reach anything on the table and in turn chew it or knock it off, and I like to have open surfaces.

Bookshelf with Sculpture

Also, I often use the coffee table for photo shoots, so if I had to move stuff off of it all the time it’d be a hassle. Therefore, almost all of our home decor ends up on the two bookshelves in our main living space.

Bookshelf with Sculpture

You’ve seen a lot of the same decor items throughout the years because honestly, I like them, and I see no reason to buy new stuff if I still like my old stuff. I don’t need more stuff. Generally if I get anything it’s for a photo prop versus my own personal home decor.

White Sculpture on Bookshelf

All of the books on these shelves you can easily find on Amazon and I’ve linked to some below, but I thought I’d tell you where you can find the decor items. The white shelf itself is currently on sale and honestly for a white high gloss item it has held up really well through three moves.

Books and Eagle Bookend

Decor Items: White Naples Sphere; Ceramic Rings; Horn Vase (similar); Jonathan Adler Futura Bowl (similar); Brass Eagles from Everything But The HouseJo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle; Brooklinen Candles; Black and Gold Vintage Glass from my friend Tobe Reed.


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Books and Sculpture

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White Bookshelf

Cecil Beaton Book

Photos by Emma Weiss