Why You Should Try Different Ways to Workout

Meg Biram in Lou & Gray.

It’s in your body’s natural instinct to try to make exercise easy on itself. Competitive long-distance runners are skinny because they run so much, it’s easier for their bodies to be small and light. Over time the body naturally adapts to what we repeatedly do and finds the easiest, most efficient way to do it. Which is why I personally think you should always be changing up your workout.

Meg Biram in metallic Lou & Gray jacket.

Unless you are trying to compete in something, training for that is totally different, or if you have a specific goal you are working toward. But I think to have the strongest, most fit body, trying a bunch of different things to see what your weaknesses are is a good thing to do. Or at least test out every once in a while. Challenge yourself to try something new! See where it makes you sore! I love it when I do something and the next day I’m sore in new places.

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I definitely gravitate toward certain types of workouts that I prefer and avoid others that I dislike. For example, I love barre (I just did a class at barre3 in Old Town and it kicked my booty!). I love CrossFit, Solidcore, yoga, riding my bike, and hiking. I am not a fan of running, spin, and Olympic lifting.

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I will run every once in a while because I think it gives me a good way to check and see how “in shape” I feel and where my endurance level is. Also, it’s just an easy and free way to workout and exhaust my dog. But again, I don’t love running. It’s not great for your knees and after a few miles mine start to ache (aging sucks).

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What I love about switching up the types of workouts I do is that it keeps it interesting for me, not only physically but mentally. I am the type of person who prefers to take classes. Even though it’s way more expensive usually to do things that way, I just prefer it. However, now that we moved away from the CrossFit we used to go to every day (it was across the street from our old place!) my husband and I joined a normal gym. I honestly don’t know many people who go to an actual gym. Most people I know go to classes at a specific studio or do something like ClassPass but I wanted to keep lifting weights so I was going to have to join a gym. P.S. gyms are cheap!

Meg Biram in Lou & Gray

My husband wrote some weightlifting workouts for me and there is a sauna at our gym and honestly, I freaking love me a sauna and have read a lot about how good they are for you. But I still love classes at specialized studios. Our gym actually has classes, but being the workout snob I am, I did a little mental eye roll like, they won’t be that good. I was mostly right. There are only two classes at our gym that I sort of like with specific teachers. So I think I’ll continue to randomly go to the classes at studios around town that I enjoy every once in a while — to keep it interesting and keep my body moving in different ways!

rose gold jacket

To be completely honest with you — I think having workout clothing that you love can make a HUGE difference. If you love it, you’re going to want to wear it, and it’s pretty bad if you just wear it and don’t actually workout. For me at least, it’s really motivating. Sometimes I put my workout clothes on a few hours before I know I’m going to go workout, just so I don’t try to talk myself out of it. I hate the feeling of stripping off workout clothes that you didn’t even workout in.

Meg Biram with metallic Lou & Gray jacket.

Lou & Grey just sent me a few new pieces from their FORM line to try. I’m wearing the High Impact Leggings (love!) in black, the Inline Tank (love the back but the bottom is too loose for me), and this insane metallic jacket that is surprisingly warm.

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Throwing jacket in the air.

Meg Biram in workout clothes.

Rose Metallic Jacket

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Photos by Emma Weiss